Our studio, blanketed by ocean breezes, is immersed within a lush jungle setting and accommodates 40 participants.

Our renowned and award-winning chef provides necessary nourishment to fuel movement towards pure health, happiness, and energetics. A diverse menu of attractive cuisine options will be specifically tailored to meet the preferences of instructors, event organizers, and participants.

Connect with us at reservations@nyahotel.cr for details to organize your retreat experience and start on the path to fulfillment.

KAP & Yoga Retreat

April 2-9

By Green Goddess Well Being & Swadhyaya Yoga

Join international yoga instructor Mimi and KAP facilitator Kimberly at their transformative and rejuvenating KAP and yoga retreat at a tranquil and luxurious boutique hotel located next to the crystal blue ocean in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Over the course of 8 days, through KAP - a direct Kundalini Transmission that activates the Awakening of your Kundalini energy, yoga, and meditation, you will connect at the most profound level with self, others and the environment. When we work on our energy, we open our hearts up to what is truth, what is real, what is meaningful and relevant. When we surrender ourselves over to the work we increase our awareness and naturally altruism arises within. Partake in this opportunity to spend time "BEing" instead of "doing". "Love who you are being, and be who you are loving". Mimi Welcome to paradise, and your home for the next 8 days. At Nya Hotel, you will experience unbridled tranquility, the perfect haven to restore and recharge your energy. Nestled between tropical jungle and pristine, multi-colored sandy beaches, you will immediately feel the warmth of the coast, the people and the culture. Spend each day close to the ocean, watching the mesmerizing sunsets, cooling off in the sea, and feeling the breeze in your hair. Explore your energy levels, healing and expanding your consciousness during this journey into the self through KAP healing modality, yoga asana and meditation.

Enjoy 6 days of relaxation, meditation, waterfalls, delicious food, and warm ocean breezes at our 5th Costa Rica Healing Retreat.

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