nYa Eclectic Fitness Studio

Enroll in our various classes that focus on wellness to harmonize body and mind, and connect with like-minded visitors and locals, on our 2099 sq. Ft multi-purpose platform, embedded in our beautiful garden, overlooking the treetops, with invigorating sounds of the flora, fauna, and waves of Montezuma beach.
Join our daily yoga classes assisted by our wonderful resident teacher Metzi.


Meditation Tuesday to Sunday 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

It is a meditation of silence, based on the Nahuatl indigenous tradition and silent breathing to intention the mind (Anapana breathing). Grasping silences meditation with a duration of 30 minutes. Help start the day by connecting the mind to the heart and the body. The mind to the breath, observing the sensations of the breath in the body to keep the mind present, simple, natural… Connected from heaven to earth, under the principle of biology, “let what creates the body, heal the body”…

Hatha Yoga Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Hatha Yoga
Classic yoga postures accompanied by different traditional Hatha breaths. The class lasts one hour and is aimed at people 12 years and older; during this hour, you can stretch, condition, tone your muscles, improve breathing, strengthen your immune system, calm the mind and transform emotions.
Ideal to start the day connected with your body, the earth, and the sky.

Metzi Hovenga

Hi, I’m Metzi!

Metzi began her healing journey through dance at a young age, using contemporary dance as a gateway to knowing, learning, and being with her body and understanding it as the energy channel between the earth and the sky. She believes we are all dancers, but some of us might have forgotten; she looks forward to helping you remember the light and life in you through dance.
In her explorations with movement, Metzi found yoga. She then gained a Yoga Teacher Certification at Nosara yoga institute nineteen years ago; since then, her approach to healing with movement has deepened and expanded with each student who has shared their time on the yoga mat with her.

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