For Nya design is essential, and attention to detail is a key element for successful design; our garden is no exception. The initial blueprint was created by local landscaper Thoren Ingalls, who, 20 years later, we invited to redesign the new gardens as a retrospective of his green artistic work. On this occasion, he contrasted the lush tropical gardens with more of a sophisticated and manicured design, typical of a contemporary garden. 

Our garden is the soul of NYA, it houses beautiful trees and plants from the tropics, and vast wildlife, including iguanas, squirrels, white-faced and howler monkeys, kinkajous, agutis, raccoons, ring-tailed coaties, tyras and birds such as toucan or collared aracari, trogons, fasciated tiger heron, parakeets, blue magpie, hummingbird, woodpeckers, turquoise-browed motmot among others.

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