“Montezuma, submerged at the foot of high cliffs with a jungle bathed by small rivers pouring into picturesque waterfalls of life, the small and expressive townhouses a mix of local residents, foreign entrepreneurs, artists and nature lovers who share this bright blue corner rich in fauna, a lush mantle of protected forests, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea pools at the southern tip of this beautiful Nicoya Península, in Cóbano, Puntarenas.

A place full of warm restaurants, boutiques and small hotels a few meters from beaches of extreme beauty, Montezuma is rich in opportunities for exploration, whether for it’s various beaches, rivers and walks through the forest. There is also a surfing opportunity for beginners.”

By Arrieta Alfredo


Get a glimpse of the surfing lifestyle with our local surf instructors. Walk through the Sueño Verde trail, past along two Nature Wildlife Refuges where an unspoiled, uncrowded beach, with perfect waves ideal for an hour and a half class suitable for beginners and intermediates.


Start on a 45 minutes boat ride with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Snorkel along the paradisiacal TORTUGA ISLAND, throughout volcanic rock reef surrounded by crystalline waters. Enjoy a fresh BBQ fish cooked by the capitan, follow by a “siesta”or relax time on the beach.


In the world, it’s rare to find places with yearly bioluminescence but Playa Quesera in Paquera is one of them! Explore this incredible phenomenon in a guided kayaking tour from sunset to nightfall. Dive into a shining star like sea, with turquoise fluorescent color and be part of this brilliant natural spectacle.


Walk on the trails of Cabo Blanco, the first National Park of Costa Rica. On the way back, at low tide, you can reach Isla Cabuya, a cemetery with a unique charm. On the way, you can visit the city Rio Lajas, Playa Cedros, Playa Machas and take a picture with the Giant Banyan Tree, known as Higuerón, which in 2009 was awarded the prize as “most exceptional” in Costa Rica by INBIO park.

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