LOCATION Downtown Montezuma,
Costa Rica
TAMBOR AIRPORT (TMU) • 25 min by land.
International Airport Juan Santa Maria • 4 hrs 45 min by land (Ferry transfer involved).
• 50 min: 25 min from Tambor airstrip and 25 min by land to the hotel.
LIBERIA AIRPORT (LIR) • 3 hrs 45 min by land
• 40 min: 15 min from Tambor airstrip and 25 min by land to the hotel.

Don't drive, fly in Costa Rica

Time: When you’re on vacations you want to enjoy every second of your time at the place you visit. Driving around for hours is no fun, specially when you can get to your destination in a matter of minutes.

Road Conditions: Mix a tough weather (high temperatures, intense and frequent rain) with low investment and you get deficient and deteriorated roads, quite different to the US or Europe. Even main roads frequently have potholes, which makes it really difficult to move past slower cars and slow moving trucks.

Addresses: Foreigners frequently complaint about the lack of road signs and indications in Costa Rica. This might seem like fun as a conversation subject, but getting lost can be really frustrating when you’re losing valuable vacation time.

Security: Driving, specially during rainy season, might be uncomfortable or even dangerous, specially when you have landslides destroying or blocking segments of the highway. In contrast SANSA’s security record have achieved the highest standards during the past years, thanks to a renewed maintenance and pilot training program, in combination with our new aircrafts and technology.

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