More than a massage! In Nya, you may indulge yourself in aligning body and mind, with the Ayurveda method. It was created by Kudum Modak in India, merging the traditional Abhyanga massage of Ayurvedic medicine with Hatha Yoga stretches.

Ayurveda massage is part of a massotherapy, performed on a mattress at floor level to facilitate muscle elongation, work deep tissue and myofascial release combining reflexology and acupressure on the hands and feet, plus specific stretching inspired by Yoga.

All treatment applies constant motion with 100% therapeutic grade organic vegetable oil and essences. Throughout the session, there is focus on cleansing breath.

Improve posture by opening space between the vertebrae, and giving greater flexibility to the spine and joints.

This therapy optimizes the function of internal organs by harmonizing the physical, psychological, and energetic bodies.

It provides greater body awareness with total meditative relaxation by connecting the body and it’s organs.

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